Barber Mike Dugeon believes he was used as a political pawn because of his last name

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Before Thursday, Mike Dugeon, a 31-year-old barber from Detroit's west side, says he never even considered a run for class president, let alone mayor of Detroit, but now that he's registered as a write-in candidate, Dugeon is considering a real run for the position with just over a week left before the primary.

Dugeon says he only began thinking about the idea when a reporter from Fox 2 knocked on his door early Thursday morning.

Dugeon denies having anything to do with the launch of a "Dugeon for Detroit" Facebook page that popped up shortly after he registered to run, and thought a man named Ken Whittaker created the account after Whittaker approached him to be his "social networking campaign manager".

Action News tracked down Whittaker at his home where one of Benny Napoleon's campaign signs was prominently placed in the front lawn.

Whittaker admitted that he went to talk to Dugeon Friday morning. Dugeon tells Action News that Whittaker popped up at his house early Friday to talk more about assisting him in his campaign.

Outside his home, Whittaker said his wife is the one who supports Napoleon and that he is undecided.

After Action News started asking questions, Whittaker, who appears to have one Twitter account and two Facebook pages, removed comments he posted that showed support for Dugeon, including one post where he wrote, "Mike Dugeon For Detroit. Write Mike and spell it right! D-U-G-E-O-N" which was posted not long after Dugeon officially entered the race for mayor.

"3208 likes in four hours! Mike Dugeon For Detroit. Write Mike and spell it right! D-U-G-E-O-N," was also posted Thursday on Whittaker's Twitter page.

In June, Whittaker appeared to support Napoleon, posting on Facebook, "Benny Napoleon Volunteer Appreciation & Recruitment Rally - TODAY".

According to a website for the Fourteenth Congressional District Democratic Party, the online page was "Designed and Powered by Ken R. Whittaker of ShayKen New Media."



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