Bats invade house in White Lake Township

(WXYZ) - It’s the home that has a cool name if you were Bruce Wayne, but a bat house in White Lake Township is a danger to those living in the home, and the neighbors on their street.

It’s known as the bat house in the neighborhood and that’s not a good thing. 

James Swisher, his wife and 12-year-old son have lived in the bat house for five years. It sits on Blondell Road in White Lake Township and each night at dusk, big brown bats are seen leaving the house.

We took a look inside the attic and found a couple of bats hanging out, but we couldn’t get to the entire attic space. The Swishers say there’s a colony of 50 to 60 bats.

But the bigger issue we found is the smell from the bat poop.

And there’s a pile of it sitting in the Swisher’s attic.  Bat guano brings all kinds of health concerns, breathing issues and parasites that can bite humans. Bats can also carry rabies. The Swishers say they all received rabies vaccinations after one bit a family member.

Swisher isn’t working, he’s on disability and says he can’t afford bat removal, but his neighbors can’t afford to wait any longer.

James Swisher is really at a crossroads. He wants to have an expert remove the bats, but he’s fearful that his home will be condemned, leaving his family homeless.

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