BB gun found in backpack on school bus

(WXYZ) - A 15-year-old Milford High School student is not allowed in class for now while the school looks into why he apparently brought a BB gun to school.

It happened on Monday. A kid riding home on the bus after school saw the gun, then told his dad. That dad called Milford High School.

The school then called the bus driver and police. At the time, it wasn't clear whether it was a real gun or not.

The bus driver acted quickly. She pretended there was something wrong with the bus and pulled over. She waited for police.

When police got there, they say they entered the back while yelling for the kids to put up their hands. When police asked who had the gun, the teen said he had a BB gun. Police say it looked like a handgun, but was an unloaded BB gun.

The 15-year-old never threatened anyone, but will face disciplinary action at school for having the gun.

As for why he had the gun, he told police he spent the night at a friend's house and felt he needed it to protect himself from a potential robbery. 

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