Bed bugs discovered at John F. Kennedy High School in Taylor, school in session tomorrow

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Parents in Taylor are scratching their heads over a bed bug dilemma.

The tiny pests turned up at  John F. Kennedy High School on Wednesday and parents are wondering why the school plans to wait until Saturday to wipe out the problem.

"Why don't they close the school and take care of the problem" asked Kim Wilson,  a mother of John F. Kennedy High School student Andrew Wilson. "I'm going to have him stay home." 

Kim received the letter that administrators sent out, saying that a pesticide company will treat the affected area on Wednesday with a non-toxic substance, a stronger application of a different substance will be applied on Friday when students are not at school.

"I do not like bugs," said Kim Wilson, a mother of John F. Kennedy High School student Andrew Wilson. "So, I made him change outside and put everything in a plastic bag and sprayed it down with alcohol."

The school administrators are asking students not to bring in any backpacks or fabric carry-bags to school on Thursday or Monday, because bed bugs like fabric and carpeting.

They also advise parents to contact a physician or school nurse for care and treatment of bed bugs.

Andrew says a lot of his classmates plan to skip Thursday as well to avoid the bugs.

Bedbugs by Wxyz-tv Detroit

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