Bed bugs invade EMS quarters on Detroit's east side

(WXYZ) - Bed bugs have been a reoccurring problem at Detroit area EMS quarters.

In July, they were discovered at Medic 4 on the city's west side.  After Action News exposed the problem, a crew was sent to to fumigate the place. 

Because of the infestation, the couch, chair and all the other furniture had to be tossed out. 

Now we are learning more bed bugs have made their way into other medic units.  In early August, the blood sucking bugs were discovered at Medic 8.  An experimental heat treatment was used to get rid of the critters.  The bugs are gone, but the heat damaged items inside the living quarters.

The latest location to be closed down is Medic 21 on Detroit's east side.  They were found in the furniture in the EMS duty room around August 23rd. 

Almost two weeks later, the room still hasn't been fumigated.  Firefighters forced to share the building are worried the bugs are breeding and if something isn't done soon, they will get into their living space and the entire firehouse will have be closed.

Deputy Fire Commissioner John Berlin tells Action News the city is working on getting a vendor to take care of the bed bug problem.  The treatment will cost around $2,000.

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