Big concerns over debris falling from the Ambassador Bridge

(WXYZ) - It stands tall and spans the Detroit River in grand style. The Ambassador Bridge opened 84 years ago, but for people living on the Canada side, it is not so grand. 

They're concerned about falling debris. 

When you get close to the Windsor side, driving over the bridge, the problems become obvious. Several sections of the sidewalk area are covered with big sheets of plywood.

There are gaping holes and visible rebar in the concrete, and on the ground underneath, there are similar-sized chucks of concrete. Coincidental?

The sign at the student parking gate, right under the bridge where hundreds park, says "not responsible for damage." 

The bridge buzz was started by a truck driver who saw sections of steel missing and sent the pictures to the Windsor Star. 

Canadian officials also told them the bridge is inspected every 2 years and is safe.

The bridge is privately owned by 87-year-old billionaire Matty Moroun. A Detroit judge tossed Moroun into jail for contempt more than 2 years ago for not finishing his part of the freeway hook-ups to the bridge.

He also bought up houses along the bridge on the Windsor side for a second bridge he wants to build.  They now sit empty and boarded up. 

The bridge company says the old section over Windsor will be replaced. Interim repairs are done as needed.

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