Bill mix-up fixed for 99-year-old

(WXYZ) - When a 99-year old Dearborn woman was told her lengthy hospital stay wouldn't be covered by Medicare, her niece contacted our Call for Action Team looking for help.

Kay Vartarian has lots of personality and energy for someone who has lived for 99 years.  She even served our country, working at the pentagon during world war ii.

Up until a few months ago, her health was good, until she passed out one day.  She was admitted to Oakwood Hospital and while there, she was there listed under "observation" and she received a pacemaker.  After the surgery, she was sent to Oakwood Common.

Here is where her financial problems happened. Observation is not considered a day of stay with Medicare and therefore not covered.  However, Kay's situation should have never been termed "observation" in the computer system which it was. 

After 10 days in rehab under the roof of Oakwood Common, Kay was told her stay wasn't covered.   This news came after she was told she was covered.  The bills started to pile up after Kay had to stay for 30 days.

Cheryl Chuck is Kay's niece, " it was months of phone calls trying to get everything straightened out.  I finally told the hospital I'm not paying this.  I'm calling Call for Action!"

It took a few weeks for our team to call back Cheryl with some news, however, it was good.

"They said all the bills are paid for and that was exciting," says Chuck.

Oakwood Hospital had this to say:

"We were happy to look into the matter and discovered there was indeed a billing discrepancy.  Once we were able to identify the cause, we immediately reached out to Mrs. Vartanian and her family to resolve the matter.  We are pleased to have had the opportunity to make it right."  

As for Kay, she is looking forward to her 100th birthday in a few months and trying to get well!

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