Birds react to alcohol the same as humans

(WXYZ) - Birds appear to react the same way to alcohol as we do.

The birds tend to stumble around when they've had too much according to British Medical Journal's Veterinary Record.  t, the birds will stumble around on their feet as humanth

Researchers in Britain discovered that the feathered animals can get drunk off fermented berries.

This was discovered last year when over a dozen blackbirds died after colliding in mid air.

All of the birds had one thing in common, they were intoxicated.

Researchers say that one of the birds had high levels of pure alcohol in its system because of the fermented berries.

Usually the Rowan berries are poisonous, but when the autopsies were performed they revealed a fermenting smell.

One of the birds was found alive and showed signs of being drunk as well.

The bird was leaning against walls of the enclosure it was in, trying to hold itself up.

After a few days the blackbird seemed to be fine.

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