Bob Bashara will go to trial, accused of trying to hire hitman to kill handyman Joe Gentz

Poison discussed as possible means for hit

(WXYZ) - After a preliminary exam on Tuesday, a judge ruled that Bob Bashara will go on trial for allegedly trying to kill his handyman Joe Gentz.

Damaging testimony against Bashara was heard in court. So were secret audio tapes. The judge ruled there was enough evidence to proceed with a trial against him on the solicitation to murder charge.

Bashara will remain in custody and an arraignment will take place July 31 at 9:00 a.m.

Bashara is accused of trying to have Gentz killed in jail.

Gentz is currently behind bars accused of killing Bashara's wife Jane, but Bashara has been a person of interest in the murder.

Prosecutors say Bashara wanted Gentz killed to keep him quiet.

Today's star witness was Steve Tibaudo, who owns Steve's Furniture and Appliance in Detroit.

"He said that he needed to have Mr. Gentz taken care of before he went to a hearing for his competency," Tibaudo told the court.

Prosecutors played audio tapes of conversations between Bashara and Tibaudo. Tibaudo had been wired by law enforcement in June.

Tibaudo told the court Bob was worried about recordings, and insisted Tibaudo prove he wasn't wearing any audio devices.

"I pulled my shirt up, and I pulled my pants down, and I turned around and I showed him my behind."

Tibaudo testified that Bashara was willing to pay $20,000 for the hit on Gentz.

Poison was discussed as a possible means to kill Gentz.

Meantime, Bashara has retained a new attorney, Mark Kriger. But the judge ordered David Griem, the current defense attorney, to handle today's preliminary hearing.

Griem filed a motion in 36th District Court asking to withdraw from the case, but the motion was denied.

In the request Griem stated, "There has been an irreparable breakdown in the attorney/client relationship as a result of which the undersigned move to withdraw as counsel."

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