Bob Bashara gives court-ordered handwriting samples in three-hour meeting with investigators

(WXYZ) - Bob Bashara spent three hours at a Michigan State Police post giving investigators court-ordered handwriting samples Friday afternoon.

"Throughout this whole mess, this whole disaster of me losing my wife, Jane was a wonderful person, we have fully cooperated. We continue to do so. This is another example of that", said Bashara.

Although he has not been charged, Bashara is suspected of being involved in the murder of his wife, Jane. 

When asked what he might say to his former handyman Joseph Gentz who claims that Bashara hired him to kill his wife, "I have nothing to say to him".

Prosecutors have already charged Gentz with murder and conspiracy.

Bashara's attorney had hoped to persuade a judge to allow a member of their defense team to be present during Friday's handwriting session, but Judge Timothy Kenny denied their motion. Since Bashara is not a defendant, Judge Kenny said giving a handwriting sample is similar to giving a blood sample and is not considered to be a critical stage that would require the presence of a lawyer.

Bashara's attorney, David Griem, believes prosecutors and investigators want samples of his client's handwriting to compare with writings on several items including a Valentine's Day card and a check.

It's unclear if the Valentine's Day card is from Bashara to his wife or his reported mistress. Bashara would not comment on allegations that he was involved with another woman in the months leading up to Jane's strangulation.

After Friday's meeting with investigators, Bashara told reporters, "They were very cordial. I was very open and honest with them. I did as they asked. Completed the assignment and now we're leaving. Thank you very much. You have a great day. Go Tigers".

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