Bob Bashara goes to trial on November 12th for solicitation of murder charge

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Bob Bashara will go trial on November 12th for allegedly trying to arrange the murder of handyman Joe Gentz

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says Bashara planned to pay $20,000 to furniture salesman Steve Tibaudo to have Gentz killed.  Earlier, Gentz told police that he was forced by Bashara to kill his wife Jane, who was murdered in January.

Gentz is awaiting an October preliminary exam on murder charges.

It was Gentz's potentially damaging testimony, prosecutors say, that Bashara sought to silence by having him killed.

Bashara has not been charged with his wife's murder, but has been under scrutiny by police since her murder.  He has denied playing any role in her death.

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