Bobby Ferguson's trial date is set in the bid-rigging case that ended in mistrial last year

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Bobby Ferguson will be retried September 10, on the federal bid-rigging charges, according to a federal court order issued Friday.

This comes just days after outspoken Detroit lawyer Mike Rataj was appointed by US District Court Judge David Lawson to represent Ferguson in the case. Rataj is the same lawyer who originally represented Ferguson in the bid-rigging case, which ended in a mistrial last year.

However, Rataj complains that the September trial date does not give him enough time to prepare. 

"There is no way I am ready to try this case. I need more time than two months. I'm not Superman," says Rataj.

The case involves a $12 Million contract for the Garden View Estates housing project.  Ferguson and two former co-workers, Michael Woodhouse and Calvin Hall, are accused of orchestrating a bid-rigging scheme that gave Ferguson the inside-track to a $12 million contract for the Garden View Estates, allegedly awarded by a company he secretly controlled that was doing business with the City of Detroit.

Ferguson privately paid Rataj for his representation the first time he went to t. The taxpayers will pick up the tab this time around.

Ferguson is in Milan federal correction facility awaiting sentencing on his federal conviction on the city hall corruption case, in which he and friend ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick were found guilty of racketeering and other charges.

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