Woman and 2-year-old discover body in Detroit field

(WXYZ) - A Detroit woman found a body in a field while she was walking with her son to the store on Tuesday.

Tyjuana Garett said she happened to find the body while she and her 2-year-old son walked to the store. They were waiting for her car to be worked on just down the street.    

"I so happened to see all these maggots and flies around this particular part of the field and my gut feeling told me there was something wrong in there," said Garett.  "And, I got to poking around and sure enough I saw them bones, remains."

She called the police department. The body was found in a black plastic bag that was covered in a field.

"I saw a belt on top of the body.  wrapped in a black plastic bag with a cover on top of it and another cover," said Garett. "That's someone's loved one. They need to be brought home...a proper burial.  Someone has been at home worrying. Someone's father, and mother,someone's been at home worrying," she said.

Police on the scene said the body appears to be an adult. 


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