Body in cement is missing North Carolina man, DPD investigated possible connection to Erin Justice

(WXYZ) - On the same block where a man's dismembered body was found in cement, Detroit Police searched for a young brother and sister, 8-month-old Kristian Justice and 6-year-old Kaylah Hunter.

Terrence Hayes, who found the body parts in a neighbor's garage on May 30, tells 7 Action News that Detroit Police searched a number of vacant houses on the block two days days ago looking for any sign of the missing children.

After Detroit Police released a picture of a tattoo found on the dismembered victim, he was identified as 23-year-old Sheldon Prawl who had been reported missing out of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Prawl's mother, Beverley Daley who lives in New York, tells Action News that her son had been living in North Carolina for about a year before his disappearance on October 30, 2013.

Prawl had an argument with his girlfriend and hasn't been seen since, according to Daley who says her son does not know anyone in Detroit and would not have had any reason to come to Michigan.

Daley says the tattoo found on her son's arm was in honor of his sister who died in 2009 from a heart attack.

Action News has learned that Detroit Police got a tip that Erin Justice could be connected to Prawl's murder. 

The man who found the dismembered body, Terrence Hayes, says he has met Erin Justice. Hayes says a close relative dated Justice. And Detroit Police were looking to talk to that relative, but Hayes declined to offer any details beyond that.

Hayes found Sheldon's dismembered body in a garage located two houses away from his home on Freeland Street.

Hayes was looking for the water hose he let his neighbor borrow several months ago when he found Sheldon's remains.

Action News has learned that the man who lives in the home where the body parts were found is Danny Ervin.

Ervin arrived home as police were investigating the homicide. Ervin was returning to his house after about a week-long stay in jail.

Ervin was arrested on an unrelated weapons charge and remains locked up in the Wayne County Jail.

It's unclear if Ervin and Justice know each other.

While Detroit Police searched the block for any sign of Kristian and Kaylah, we're told investigators don't believe Justice is connected to the murder of Sheldon Prawl.

Investigators say after Justice murdered his wife Alicia Fox, the mother of the missing children, he flew to Georgia where he was later arrested.

Currently, Justice is only charged with Fox's murder. He is in the process of being extradited back to Michigan to face prosecution.

Anyone with information on the missing children or the murder of Sheldon Prawl is urged to call Detroit Homicide investigators at (313)596-2260.

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