Bond reduced for father who was accused of abusing his infant daughter

(WXYZ) - The father accused of abusing his infant daughter had his bond reduced from $2-million to $10,000.

Lance Finner was in Macomb County Circuit Court Thursday when a judge lowered the bond. He has been locked up since last November after being accused of hurting his newborn baby.

Finner’s family says he is wrongly accused. They say he accidentally dropped the baby when he fell asleep while holding her. His wife, Marquita Finner, says the child suffers from rickets disease – a vitamin D deficiency that makes bones weak and susceptible to breaking.

Prosecutors charged Finner after doctors noticed 18 broken bones and contacted police.

After hearing from the defense, which said it had 3 expert witnesses ready to testify about rickets disease, the judge lowered the bond

Finner is expected back in court at the end of May.

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