Brighton boy with rare disease receives birthday cards from around the world

BRIGHTON, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Brighton family asked and thousands around the world delivered. And for a boy celebrating a birthday, it means a little mail goes a long way.

Living with a pair of rare conditions, Dominic Tyner is homebound. Battling Mitochondrial Disease and Eosinophilic Esophagitis, the potentially fatal diseases mean Dominic has spent much of his childhood in pain.

“He’s so resilient, so full of joy and hope." said his father Dominic Tyner Sr., "You know from day to day, he just rolls with it.”

Dominic’s parents wanted him to forget about his diseases, at least on his birthday, March 27th. About a month ago, they started a page on Facebook, asking friends to send a birthday card for "Lil D."

“200 cards." expected Tyner Sr., "We thought it would be just friends and family.”

But on the morning of his birthday, Dominic answered the door and found a mail truck packed with cards. 200 cards? Try 3,000 reasons for Dominic to smile.

“Strangers took the time, got a stamp, went to the store, bought a card, filled it out. Some have awesome letters in it.” said Tyner Sr., "For a complete stranger to do that, there’s love, there’s hope.”

Cards came from all over Michigan, outside the state, as far as California, and overseas.

“New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Poland.” said Tyner Sr.

Enough cards to last a 100 birthdays, on this 11th birthday, Dominic is celebrating life with friends he never knew he had.

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