British Airways tests "happiness blanket" to help study passengers' sleeping habits on flights

(WXYZ) - It's always a little difficult to relax on a long flight.

But British Airways is launching a couple of new initiatives to monitor passengers' moods and help lull them to sleep.

The airline recently conducted their own sleeping experiment using the "happiness blanket." British Airways was able to monitor passengers' moods with the high-tech fabric.

The blanket is woven with fiber optics that change color based on neuro-sensors that read a passengers' brainwaves.

So, if you're totally relaxed, the blanket will be blue, and if you're anxious, it will be red.

Airline officials say they hope to study mood patterns of passengers to help them improve aspects of the in-flight service.

The airline also has announced the launch of "Slow TV" on long-haul flights. It will basically give passengers the opportunity to watch wallpaper-type footage, like a seven hour long train ride through Norway.

Are you getting sleepy just reading about it?

Check out the airline's press release HERE.

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