Judge delays decision on bond for Thomas and Raymond Highers

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Thomas and Raymond Highers had hoped to be free men today.

But they'll have to wait.

Judge Lawrence Talon says he needs more time to decide bond and he set a new bond hearing for August 13.

Prosecutors want the two men in custody pending their appeal of the judge's decision.

The brothers, now in their mid 40's, were convicted of murdering Robert Karey at his home on Detroit's east side back in 1987.

"I always believed they were innocent," said brother Scott Highers. "I always knew they'd come out...it's just sad it took 25 years."

The Highers were convicted in a non-jury trial. A judge sentenced them to life in prison.

Last Thursday Judge Talon agreed to toss out the convictions and awarded the men a new trial after new witnesses stepped forward.

The case got new life thanks to a Facebook post written by Mary Evans back in 2009.

The witnesses who saw the post did not know the brothers were serving time in connection with the killing and offered new descriptions of the murder suspects.

"Thank God for technology," said Evans.

The brothers would have had a bond hearing last Thursday, but someone pulled the fire alarm at the courthouse and the judge postponed the hearing until Monday morning.

"This is something that I've prayed for since I was a little girl," said 17-year-old niece Raeanne Highers. "They've been a part of my life even though I haven't physically been able to see them."

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