Brothers develop high-tech motorcycle helmet that raises more than $1M on Indiegogo

(WXYZ) - It’s a high-tech helmet that is every biker’s dream.

Two brothers, both with a passion for motorcycling, developed what they’re calling the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet.

The pair has raised more than one million dollars on Indiegogo to get their lightweight, high-tech helmet on the market.

The Skully comes equipped with a heads-up display that shows you important information in your line of sight, a rear view camera to give you full awareness, and GPS navigation.

The founders say they believe technology should get rid of distractions and help remove blind spots—which they’re hoping their helmet does. 

The Skully is also Bluetooth connected, letting bikers stream music and make calls through the helmet.

Now, these sleek, cool futuristic helmets aren’t cheap. Backers are able to snag one during their campaign now for about  $1,400.

Get more details on the Skully HERE. 

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