Building raining bricks in Highland Park

(WXYZ) - Bricks are raining down off of an abandoned building where children play and bus passengers wait for transportation in Highland Park. 

The building once was a storage facility that someone tried converting into lofts. Now, it's become a serious problem.

Roy Rabban owns the store across the street. His customers tell us it's looked like this for more than 10 years.

"It looks like any minute if you drive by bricks will fall on your car," says Rabban. 

7 Action News made some calls and it turns out the same guy who has ignored his responsibility to maintain this property is actually seeking renters over in Hamtramck.

But he was no where to be found when we showed up.

Back in Highland Park, the mayor has been hearing the same complaints as Action News. 

"It's on Woodward so a lot of people are driving by and seeing this eyesore. We need to be more aggressive to go after the owner and make him do something with this building," said Highland Park Mayor Deandre Windom. 


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