BUYERS BEWARE: Police say man selling fake Tigers tickets

(WXYZ) - Watching the Tigers in the flesh - in the play-offs - can be a once in a lifetime experience. Some of us are willing to pay top dollar for a seat.

But some fans are striking out big time when they go to find their tickets online.

In Dearborn, police say several buyers went on Craigslist where they became the victims of Kodi Akins, also known as Fred.

Sources tell Action News at least two guys found Akins on Craigslist and bought bogus tickets for the ALCS.

When they got to Comerica for the games the victims were turned away.

The buyers met up with Akins at several locations in Dearborn. By the time they knew the tickets were fakes, Akins of course was long gone.

And apparently Dearborn isn't his only hunting grounds for eager fans. Investigators think Akins has also taken advantage of online buyers in St. Louis and Chicago.

According to a release from Dearborn PD Multiple warrants have been issued for Akins' arrest, who was last seen driving a silver or gray Lexus with Indiana License Plate #282AZI.

If you have any information regarding these incidents or the whereabouts of Akins, call police at 313-943-3012.

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