California man receives faxes intended for Michigan credit union containing social security numbers

(WXYZ) - Richard Woo is in the import/export business. In the past, he used an email account to verify auto parts delivered to Los Angeles-- where he lives-- from China.

The electronic fax number hasn’t been used in months, until recently when Woo says he started receiving applications for loans meant for a Michigan credit union.

“I received a credit app from a man living in Southgate," says Woo.

Woo noticed the paperwork had personal information: social security numbers, birthdays, addresses and personal net worth, everything needed to steal someone’s identity and money. Woo traced the paperwork back to Advia Credit Union, with locations in Michigan. Woo went online and found his fax number on the credit union’s home page listed as a number to send applications. 

Woo did the right thing and called Advia, but he says they didn’t even take their prospective customer's personal information seriously.

“The representative says she’d take care of it and that where it’s been for the last week and a half.”

Woo contacted 7 Action News after inaction by Advia Credit Union. He says he’s still receiving personal information to his e-fax account and again, called the credit union and spent another hour on the phone trying to get his fax number off the website.

This is personal for Woo. He’s been a victim of identity theft.

“A couple of years ago I found out a 14-year-old boy was using my identity in New York, and I’d never been to New York.”

Advia released the following statement on Tuesday: 

Maintaining the highest level of security of member personal data is paramount to Advia Credit Union, serving nearly 100,000 members throughout Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. Late on April 28, Advia Credit Union was notified that an individual living in California had received eight (8) electronic faxes which were intended to be received by Advia Credit Union locations.  Advia worked to identify the cause of the misdirection, and acted swiftly to correct a fax number inaccurately posted on its website. The Senior Management of Advia were able to reach out immediately to both the individual who had received the information as well as a member mentioned in a resulting news story aired in Detroit, Michigan. The additional limited number of members affected are also being contacted immediately by Advia Credit Union.  A full notification as it relates to their personal information as well as assurance of monitoring of all credit bureaus, including identity theft insurance on behalf of the credit union, will be provided.

“Maintaining the highest level of quality controls to insure the integrity of member data has always been and will continue to be a primary focus for Advia Credit Union”, indicated Cheryl A. DeBoer, President & CEO of Advia Credit Union. 

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