Call For Action helps former paramedic get a new bathtub

WESTLAND, Mich. (WXYZ) - Life hasn't been easy for 48-year-old Tom Mich of Westland lately.

For 27 years, Tom's life was all about saving other peoples lives.

Tom worked as a certified paramedic in cities like West Bloomfield, where helping others was his greatest joy.

But now, Tom is a double amputee, confined to a wheelchair, struck down down by a rare, bone-eating disease.

Would you believe, Tom hasn't been able to take a shower in over a year, because he can't maneuver his body into a standard bathtub, and once there, he can't stand and wash himself.

So, his wife Marie has to give him sponge baths in the kitchen of their small home.

That's when Tom called me, Bill Spencer, and Channel 7 News, asking us to take action for him.

I called Bart Rue, the president himself, of Magic Window Company.

Now, Bart and his crew are going to totally transform Tom's tiny, non-handicap-accessible bathroom.

First, they tore out Tom's old, rusted bathtub and now they will install a new, Magic Window, fiberglass, walk-in bathtub with a non-leak door.

But this is a lot more than just a bathtub, it comes complete with powerful, massaging water jets abd a powerful heater to keep the water constantly hot. Even a series of tiny, bubble-makers to further soothe you as you bathe.

Total cost of this job is $18,000. All of it, donated by Magic Window Company.

Tom can scarcely believe his eyes, and he'll never have to bathe in the kitchen again.

Tom says, "Bill, I'm so thankful for all that you do for so many people. Without you, there would be nothing ever done for people like me who really need help."


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