Call for Action Team helps gets woman's breezeway repaired

(WXYZ) - Whatever you do, don't get in Mary Coleman-Burton's way once she starts her workout.

You'll be sorry, because this tough lady is one passionate workout machine who could easily knock you over.
Mary is determined to stay in great shape, so she works out five days a week in her quest to build the perfect body.

Actually, Mary wants everything in her life to be picture perfect.

So when it came time to build a covered-breezeway from her Oak Park home to her garage, Mary hired a company that came recommended by her neighbors, the DeWitt Building Company.

And when that brand new, breezeway was completed, Mary says she couldn't have been any happier.

"It was just perfect. So beautiful, I had people stopping all the time and asking me, who did that work for you?", Mary says.

Yes, Mary says for 8 years that breezeway looked fantastic.

But, about two years ago, rust spots started breaking through the paint on the support posts.

Now, officials at the DeWitt Building Company say the warranty on that breezeway was meant to cover all repairs up to 18-months after purchase. 

But, in this case, Mary was calling years after that warranty had expired.

Company representatives told Mary, they would be willing to fix the rust spots, but she would be charged $75 for each support post.

Unwilling to pay that price, Mary called the Call For Action Team.

Right away, we contacted The DeWitt Building Company, and even though DeWitt was under no obligation to do anything at all for Mary, the company's president Jim Weiner agreed to repair those posts and make them just like new, free of charge.


Weiner told me, "We truly value every customer we have, and we want to make every effort to make them happy. That's the bottom line, when it comes to how we operate".

As for Mary, she is completely thrilled with the finished result.

Her breezeway looks picture perfect again.

Mary says, "You guys are great. You have honesty. You have integrity. Thank you Call For Action".

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