Call for Action team helps man with no legs get new bath tub

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It's early in the morning in Westland and Tom Mich is really struggling to power himself up his wooden wheel chair ramp.

Tom is a double amputee, who a year ago lost both of his legs to a horrible disease.

 And now, "struggle" has practically become Tom's middle name.

In fact, after 30–years working as a paramedic, working to save countless people's lives, Tom  can't even take a shower in his own bathroom.  All because he can't get into a normal bathtub. Tom's wife Marie has to bathe Tom in the kitchen sink using a sponge.

Tom hasn't enjoyed a real shower for nine long months and that, he says, is driving him crazy.

Tom needed  a walk-in bathtub with a special seat where you can sit down and bathe.

Now, thanks to Bart Rue, the President of Magic Window Company, we were able to give Tom exactly what he needs.

Bart started by taking several detailed measurements inside Tom's tiny, bathroom.

After that Bart agreed to donate, deliver and install a gorgeous, 29-by-52 inch, fiberglass composite, walk-in bath tub complete with built in heater and two kinds of powerful, Jacuzzi-like jets.

To install this beautiful tub will be tricky because Tom's bathroom is so small.

Some of the Plumbing will have to be moved completely around, to make this special tub work in this space.

All told, the project will cost in excess of $17,000, but Magic Window Company will do all of this absolutely free.

All of this for a man who hasn't been able to take a shower in nine months.

And Tom's reaction?  Almost sheer, disbelief.

"That tub is absolutely gorgeous, that's nice.  I've never seen anything like that before, and I certainly have never had anything like that before.  It's just been so long since I've been able to feel clean", Tom says.   "When you first told me about it, I couldn't do anything but cry".

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