Call For Action team helps one woman get her money back from Powerhouse Gym.

(WXYZ) - Jacklyn McCucheon is an 83-year-old West Bloomfield resident who recently had back surgery. 

She wanted to get back in shape, so she called Powerhouse Gym in Novi to schedule an first visit. They asked for her credit card number and she gave it to them. However, she says that was a mistake.

She went to check out the club, but soon realized that it wasn't going to work.

Jacklyn says, "the walk was too far for my back and the water in the pool was too cold." 

So, when she got home, she called the manager to make sure they didn't charge her card because she was not going to join.

However, the gym then charged her card a $240 membership fee.

Jacklyn, then changed her credit card number to avoid anymore charges. That is when a collection agency called her to tell her that she owed them $50 for her monthly fee.

Jacklyn had enough so she contacted the Call For Action team for help.

One of the volunteers was able to help.  Within a few days, Powerhouse called Jacklyn, apologized and refunded her money.

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