Call For Action team helps solve medical bill snafu

(WXYZ) - Jim Chapurdy was told that his mother had an outstanding balance of nearly $27,000 for her hospice care after her death. 

For seven months, Jim tried to contact Wayne County Medicaid to make sure that his mother's bills for Rivergate Terrace were covered. 

After several phone calls, messages and a couple conversations, Jim was unable to get results. 

It was after Jim saw a Call For Action piece about the team helping a Monroe mother build a ramp that he decided to contact us. 

After contacting our team, it was just a short time later that he heard back from Wayne County Medicaid-- giving him advice to take care of the situation. 

Since Jim's mother passed away, he didn't even have to pay the bill.  But, he wanted to make sure that Rivergate Terrace, who took such great care of his mother in her final months, got the money they deserved.

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