Call for Action team helps woman collect life insurance policy of late husband

(WXYZ) - A Detroit woman suddenly lost her husband to a heart attack. Then an insurance company made things worse.  However, once the "Call For Action" team got involved, she was able to move forward with her life as best as possible.

Pamela Thomas finds herself crying every now and then remembering her husband of 23 years. He passed away on September 26th of 2012, but it wasn't until last month that she was able to start her process of moving forward.

Robert had a life insurance policy with American Income Life Insurance for $10,000. After he died, the company said they wanted to see if he had any pre-existing conditions. That was confusing to Pamela because they never asked him to get a physical before securing the policy. 

The contract was clear and a review should have only taken a few days, but that isn't what happened.

"Thirty days went by, 60 days, 90 days went by and all they would tell me is that it was under review."

Frustrated and desperately needing the money to move from the home she shared with Robert, Pamela called the Call For Action team. The team was able to direct her on how to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They also called American Income Life Insurance to get Pamela her money.

The next day, she received a letter from the company saying that her case would be addressed in 15 days. 

Then, a few days later on January 8, nearly four months after husband's death, she finally received her check in the mail.

"I think I would still be waiting, I really think I would still be waiting if it wasn't for the Call For Action team."  

Pamela needed to move because she just couldn't take living in the same home that she shared with her husband.  The memories were too tough. However, now that she received his life insurance money, she has been able to move and try to make new memories.

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