Call for Action team helps woman with energy bill

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"Just to keep the heat in, I have tacked up this thick wool blanket, this thick sheet, and yet another sheet just to keep the heat in and the cold out," said Peggi Jackson-Smith as she tugs on an old blanket covering her kitchen door wall.
Walking into Peggi Jackson-Smith's small Ypsilanti home, the first thing you notice is that there are thick wool sheets and blankets covering every window.
That's because the rental house that Peggi and her two teenage daughters live in is full of huge gaps in the window frames. Frames that constantly allow cold air to flood into the house.

Before she thought of putting up those blankets, Peggi was paying huge energy bills of $300 a month and even more to DTE Energy.

To make matters worse, Peggi can't work anymore.

She lost her job a couple years ago after she suffered a traumatic brain injury in a violent  car accident that nearly killed her.
Peggi and her kids had rung up a DTE Energy bill of almost $1,200. A bill she couldn't pay. So she called DTE customer service representatives to try and set up a low cost, emergency payment plan for low income individuals.
But before anything was changed with Peggi's account, her electricity was shut off the next day.

That's when Peggie called the Call For Action Team for help.

Right away, our volunteers called top officials at DTE and within 24-hours, Peggi's home was warm again.

Not only that, DTE Energy workers told Peggi to attend their upcoming DTE Energy Customer Assistance Days.

A week later, Peggi did just that and at that free event, DTE agreed to wipe out Peggi's $1,181.00 delinquent energy bill.
"If I could fit my arms around all of you guys, I would give you all a giant hug and lots of kisses for your kindness," said Peggi with a smile.
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