Call for Action Team helps woman with phone bill

(WXYZ) - Christine DeMay spends a lot of time worrying about her loving mother, Thelma Gallas.

Thelma is 85 years old and this summer, she wound up having to be hospitalized with a  horrific case of Shingles.

It's a serious skin disorder that in Thelma's case, attacked the nerves in her legs.

After spending a week in the hospital, Thelma was then transferred to a rehabilitation center where she has been recovering for the last eight weeks.

Now, suddenly, cut off from everybody, Thelma, who has a Verizon cell phone that she almost never uses, started calling everyone in her family like crazy.

So, in one month, she went from making almost no calls to making over 1500-minutes in calls on her trusty cellphone.

Thelma's mistake was not knowing how her cell phone plan works.

Under that plan, Thelma would pay just 422 a month for up to 50 minutes of free calling.

The problem is Thelma had just made over 1500 minutes in calls.

The following month Thelma's Verizon cell phone bill naturally jumped drastically, from $22.00 to a whopping $740.00.

That's when her daughter, Christine, called the Call For Action Team.

We immediately called our contacts at Verizon Wireless, and even though Verizon had done nothing wrong here, given the unusual circumstances of this case, Verizon quickly agreed to wipe out that $760.00 cell phone bill completely.

In addition, Verizon customer service reps also put Thelma on a much better plan for her situation.

Giving her 400-minutes of airtime a month instead of 50 for almost the same monthly cost she had been paying before.

Thelma and her family were thrilled.

"When we told my mom what you had done for her Bill, she shouted joyfully, Hooray!", Christine says with a warm, smile on her face.

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