Massive crowds of Right to Work protesters gather

LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) - Thousands of protesters began chanting and shouting after the House approved Right to Work legislation.

While a massive crowd could be seen outside the Capitol, more protesters inside the building carried out a "sit-in" in the Capitol Rotunda.

Right to Work protesters gathered outside the capitol building in Lansing ahead of the House session that began at 10 a.m.

Streets around the Capitol are closed off and some people are not being allowed in because of capacity and safety.

There is heavy police presence inside and outside the Capitol building.

The governor flip-flopped on the issue, saying it was labor and the Democrats who hit first, trying to pass Proposal 2 in November that would have put collective bargaining rights into the state constitution.

Voters turned it down.

Metro Detroit Democrats in congress met privately with the governor Monday, asking him to delay the divisive issue. He won't.

The governor is taking heat from the middle, charging him with being dishonest in his claims this will bring jobs to Michigan and that this newcomer to politics allowed himself to be pulled to the extreme right.

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