Car gets stuck in giant hole in Lincoln Park

(WXYZ) - How does a car end up stuck in a hole with some of its wheels in the air?

Monica Fry says it happened when Lincoln Park didn't properly block of a water main repair site. The Taylor woman says her boyfriend was driving her car on Mill street near River Drive in Lincoln Park as they headed to a friend’s house.  As he slowed down and pulled along the curb to park, they hit something.

“We hit the ground,” said Monica Fry. 

The frigid temperatures had frozen the water in a hole left when work crews repaired a water main break.  As a result it looked like solid ground, but was not.

“I didn’t see any cones at all,” said Emanuel Amato VI, who drove into the hole.  After the crash he realized there was a cone in the hole, almost completely covered by water.

The car was left with the hood in the hole, and tires in the air.  The damage cost Fry $1,500.

She called Lincoln Park to let them know about the danger, but neighbors say no one came out to put up any barricades.  She contacted our newsroom. Seven Action News went to city hall Monday.  Minutes later crews surrounded the hole with more than a dozen cones. 

We are told it will be filled in Tuesday morning. The city is submitting Fry's claim to its insurance company.

“It is dangerous,” said Monica.  “It should have been blocked off."

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