Car still in building after crash days ago on Detroit's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A car crashed into a vacant building on Detroit's west side and days later it's still there.

The unbelievable scene at the corner of Linwood and Gladstone has people passing by looking twice.

"I didn't even see the car until now," one person said. "There are so many bricks on top of the car."  

At first, the car is easy to miss.

But, it's there.

Small sections of the roof and tail end peek out of a huge pile of building debris.

The vacant, burned out commercial building was already in danger of falling down when a driver slammed into it three days ago.

"He couldn't make that turn, hit the beam of the building and it collapsed on him," Glenn Collins said.

Detroit firefighters rescued the driver, who walked away from the crash with a cut on his head and a hurt ankle.

In the wake of the crash, lurks a new danger. The building is now so unstable, removing the car from underneath the pile of debris could cause the entire place to come crashing down.

Since the accident, City of Detroit crews have put up barricades as a warning.

A spokesperson for Mayor Duggan's office says the building has been declared unsafe and has been placed on the emergency demolition list. It could take a month to get it torn down.

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