Caught on camera: Local hotel clerk robbed at gunpoint

(WXYZ) - Warren police are looking for the masked man who robbed a local clerk at gunpoint.

It happened while he was working the midnight shift on Sunday at Victory Suites on 11 Mile near Dequindre.

Surveillance video shows the crook jumping over the counter and startling the clerk who's working alone in the lobby. He orders the clerk to get on the ground and put his hands up.

"It looks like he has a glock. It's terrifying. I feel bad for the guy. He's not doing anything to deserve this," says Det. Cpl. Paul Houtos with Warren Police.

Investigators say the crook is carrying a black Nike bag with a white "swoosh" and orange piping around it.

He rummages through the drawers and steals as much cash as he can get his hands on.

He even steals money from the clerk and takes his cell phone too.

Then he tells the clerk to run across the street so he can make his getaway.

About 15 minutes later, the clerk finds a phone and calmly calls 9-1-1.

Warren police find what they believe are the crook's footprints in the snow. They think he got into a car and took off with the hundreds of dollars he stole--some of which could lead police right to him.

"The owner had put out counterfeit bills so the employees would know what to look for. He took those too. So hopefully we can catch him trying to use them and we can catch him," says Det. Houtos.

Thankfully, the clerk was not physically hurt.

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