Charities come together to take teen with rare auto immune disease to the Mayo Clinic

(WXYZ) - Laying hands on Maysie Madison, her family, the crew from Grace On Wings, and the Moslem Shiners said a prayer before they took flight.

The old adage, "It Takes a Village" has taken  on a new meaning, after a team of people came together to make this day possible. Wednesday afternoon, the bedridden 13-year-old will be airlifted to Mayo Clinic.

Maysie has an auto immune disease that causes seizures, which has left her paralyzed and unable to speak.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic think they can help her and are taking on her case as charity, but getting here there and back would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. Maysie’s family was unable to afford the cost.

After a recent report on 7 Action News, Advent Home Medical along with the Moslem Shriners stepped in.

"Today is a great day,” said Moslem Shriner Bob O’Brien. “It's a day Maysie is going to get the help that she needs with the Mayo Clinic."

Some of their donations went to Grace On Wings, a faith based charity which provides air flights to hospitals to those who need it most. Fully staffed with medical professionals on the plane they're there to assist Maysie getting to the Mayo quickly and safely.

“It’s surreal,” said Stephanie Madison, Maysie’s mom.

For those helping Maysie along her journey, it is a blessing for them too.

"When you can help a child, that's our philanthropy,” said O’Brien.

"For everyone that's out there, never give up hope, there's always hope,” said Grace On Wings CEO and pilot Hal Blank. “God is our hope. If we just give it to him. He will provide a way. This family had no means and no way to get her served out there so God made a way.

Maysie will be staying at the Mayo Clinic for a week. We will keep you updated on her progress.

For more information on the Moslem Shriners or to donate call (248) 569-2900.

For more information on Grace on Wings or to donate call 877-75-GRACE or visit

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