Are your kids addicted to technology?

(WXYZ) - Can you go a day without your smartphone? Or can you even make it a few hours without checking Facebook?

These are questions that are becoming virtually impossible for kids to answer no to.

The Burkeen children admit there is only a 5-10 min time span they can go without their smart phones, iPads or computers before the tears start rolling.

"I took her phone and she cried," said their mother Kathy.

All admit they are addicted to technology.

Maria, 14, may be the worst offender, followed by 12-year- old Ryan. And then there's 25-year-old big sister Meagan who is still recovering from cutting off her Facebook page cold turkey.

"In a lot of ways, kids are beginning to rely on it for the constant streaming entertainment," said
Henry Ford Child Psychologist Dr. Nikki Sulaica.

Dr. Nikki Sulaica says she is treating more and more young people for tech addiction.

"When I ask how many days this week did you go out and have a play date or see a friend and they say ‘no,' then I'm concerned because there is a very critical piece of development that needs to happen for people individuals… especially children," said Dr. Sulaica.

Dr. Sulaica says technology can be a great tool to be used with education but parents do need to do the policing. She recommends limiting screen time to 1-2 hours.

And it's not just a problem that children face, many adults have become extremely dependent on technological devices.

Dr. Sulaica says it's best to start slow, maybe with short periods of inaccessibility. Try leaving your cell phone at home one day a week. She also suggests seeing if your best friend or family member wants to give it a shot with you.



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