Children's feet burned by scalding water, parents accused of being high on prescription pills

WYANDOTTE (WXYZ) - Wyandotte Police say the parents of a 2-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl could soon face felony charges after the children were found standing in a scalding water in the back of a bathtub. And according to investigators, the children were "crying hysterically".

The children's 29-year-old father was in the bathroom with them, sitting on the toilet and "not doing anything to help the kids," according to the police report.

The parents are accused of being high on prescription pills, possibly Xanax and Vicodin.

Wyandotte Police found about 100 pills of the drugs in prescription bottles and loose in the father's pant pockets.

"They were at a level of intoxication that they just could not take care of the children," said Wyandotte Police Chief Daniel Grant.

The parents were arrested, but have been released pending possible charges. They have been ordered to stay away from their children.

The children's feet were red and swollen. They were treated at a nearby hospital. We're told the four-year-old girl sustained second-degree burns to her feet.

The boy and girl are now in the care of their grandparents.

The children's maternal grandmother tells 7 Action News that while she recognizes that her daughter and the children's father have issues of addiction, she says she has been trying desperately to get the doctor to stop prescribing the dangerous drugs to her daughter.

She calls doctors like the one she's been battling "Fast Food Physicians" and says, "There is no boundary for these physicians. They think they can just do whatever they want".

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