Children's Hospital of Michigan helps kids through art

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Children's Hospital of Michigan is ranked as one of the best in America every year, partially because of the success they have in helping heal kids.

One of the ways they go above and beyond is providing kids with unique art to look at in the hospital. This is part of their healing arts program. Grace Serra is the Art Director and says the program is based on medical research. 

"It is proven that kids heal faster when their art is surrounding them,"  said Serra.

Art from the children decorates the hospital walls. The pieces are also hung at a height level that is consistent with them. 

However, integrating this beautiful and useful artwork isn't free. This art costs money and that is where the hospital's foundation comes into play. 

Derek Sarafa is on the foundation board and one of the co-founders of "Leaders For Kids." They raise money for pediatric research education and community programs. They are holding a fundraiser dinner and art auction Saturday, December 1 at the College For Creative Studies. It is called "Cheers For Children."

Sarafa says every blank wall is a canvas waiting for some art and it can have a huge impact.

"It is a very stressful situation to come to a hospital, nobody wants a sick child so we create an environment that lowers the stress level for families," said Sarafa.

From the moment a kid enters the parking garage, murals await them to help set the tone, so they know they are loved and are in good care.

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