City of Detroit responds to Action News story on residents upset over noisy garbage trucks at 3 AM

The City of Detroit is responding to citizens upset over noisy garbage trucks rolling through their neighborhoods at 3:00 a.m., calling the rude awakening a "minor inconvenience."
The entire statement from the city is posted below.
Joe  Valenti Sr., President of Teamsters Local 214 says his members don't want to be working overnight but it is mandatory overtime due to the shortage of working garbage trucks.
Over the last few years, budget cuts have slashed the number of mechanics nearly in half.
Statement on Garbage Trucks from Chief Communications Officer Bob Warfield:
"As the City of Detroit focuses on providing services to our residents in the midst of our financial challenges, there will be occasions when garbage pickup may occur during late night hours.  This is primarily due to a reduction in the number of mechanics available to service the aging garbage trucks.  Four years ago, the City had 120 mechanics on staff.  Budget cuts have reduced that number to 64 today.

The Citys General Services Department recently hired nine additional mechanics and has been given approval to move ahead with filling 32 vacancies for mechanics, foremen, garage attendants, and other personnel. The use of contractors is currently being maximized and further repair outsourcing is cost prohibitive. However, there is no issue with the City obtaining the parts necessary to repair our fleet of garbage trucks.
Whereas we recognize the late night garbage pickups may result in a minor inconvenience to our residents, the Citys priority is to maintain weekly garbage collection."

Robert Warfield
Chief Communications Officer
Office of Mayor Dave Bing
City of Detroit
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