City of Hazel Park jumps into action to pick up trash

(WXYZ) - Trash in Hazel Park has been piling up for 10 days. The last pick-up was the afternoon of the devastating floods which was on August 11th.

The company Tringali normally does the trash pick-up, but it's so inundated by the overwhelming amounts of trash following the floods, it hasn't made it to Hazel Park yet.

The city decided it couldn't wait any longer.

City Manager Edward Klobucher says "It's all hands on deck. We've got everybody who can throw garbage in the truck, throwing garbage in the truck."

DPW workers and fire department employees are helping in the effort. The city has hired a trucking company and it's using 3 trucks from the Oakland County Road Commission.

Klobucher says because of the flooding, some homes are throwing away more than 20 times their normal amount of trash.

"It's smelly. The trash is inundated by water. It's nasty," he says.

He says the crews are taking the trash directly to the landfill. He wants residents to know they're doing what they can, but this will not be done in one day.

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