Classic comedy "Caddy Shack" keeps Chief Meteorologist Dave Rexroth in good spirits

(WXYZ) - Laughter truly is the best medicine. 

And it looks like Chief Meteorologist Dave Rexroth got a taste of his own last night. 

In a Facebook post Monday night he wrote, "It was a very good night last night. First night out of the hospital bed AND a few good laughs with all the Caddys at the Shack!

One day at a time." It was accompanied by the above photo.

We're smiling thinking of our friend enjoying a good chuckle, especially since he's so often the source of laughter in our newsroom.

Would you like to send Dave a message to make him smile? Write down three words aimed to inspire, encourage or create laughter. Snap a photo of yourself holding the message for Dave and send it to

We'll use it in a special gallery, you and Dave can view online.

Dave Rexroth was injured while vacationing with his family in Iowa City, Iowa. A fireworks accident, which happened on July 4, caused Dave to lose sight in his left eye.

Earlier this week, Dave underwent surgery where doctors removed his eye and prepared it for a prosthetic fitting.

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