Coming soon: UrtheCast will let you watch near-live video of Earth from space

(WXYZ) - Extraordinary views of the Earth from space used to be a perk for astronauts alone, but now a company is about to help the public travel to their favorite places from above.

A company called UrtheCast, pronounced earthcast, has installed two cameras on the International Space Station.

The two cameras, one in HD and one in medium resolution, will stream near real time video of our ever changing planet while the space station orbits the globe 16 times a day.

Once the cameras are operational, the Urthecast web platform will let users track the space station, search for videos of a particular location and be able to zoom and rewind the video stream to explore different places.

Users will also be able to watch clouds, sunrises and sunsets.

The cameras will capture latitudes "51 degrees north to 51 degrees south--ranging from England to Chile and everything in between." 

The company is hoping the platform will generate more awareness of major world events.

Right now you can request a beta invite for when the stream launches. To find more about UrtheCast, go here:

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