Communities demand action from Lansing in scrapyard battle

(WXYZ) -  The war on illegal scrappers is getting more firepower.

One day after an our 7 Action News investigation into problems with the legislative fight against criminals who are tearing the city apart, police and elected leaders are joining the battle.

The biggest names in law enforcement - top county and city leaders. They all stood shoulder-to-shoulder - in an extraordinary show of force.

"Where there is no buyer there is no seller. I'll say it again. Where there is no buyer there is no seller," said Detroit Police Department Chief James Craig. 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig and other top cops and leaders are going after illegal scrappers by taking aim at Lansing.

"It's something clear, present and the solution is obvious," said Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard. 

In a press conference on Tuesday, they called on legislators to pass a bill that would take a bite out of the illegal scrap business.

Action news first told you about the gridlock in Lansing on Monday. Some state senators are actually fighting the bill -- which would, among other things, eliminate instant cash for illegal scrappers.



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