Company builds ramp for mother with cerebral palsy

(WXYZ) - Ashley is a young mom who has cerebral palsy.

Last week, we aired a report on 7 Action News about how Ashley needed a ramp connecting her two doors at her apartment to her sidewalk so she could get in and out with her son.

Without the ramp, by law, she would not able to raise her son Ashton by herself. Her main goal is to raise Ashton, but money is tight and she  needed some help to take care of this issue.

She has also recently become a single parent which makes it more difficult.

So, I asked if anyone could or would be willing to take care of this for Ashley and the metro Detroit area responded in a huge way. 

As of writing this on March 28th, I am still receiving responses from people wanting to help.  I received the 54th response today and that is amazing!

We chose John Callahan and his company JCBelle Group and they did a fantastic job. Not only did they give Ashley a ramp, she basically got an outdoor area.

John knows what life is like for Ashley because his niece also deals with cerebral palsy. Constructing this for Ashley meant a great deal to John who just wanted to help.

We wish Ashley and her son Ashton the best.

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