Company claims new high-tech glasses will help find patient's veins easily

Getting stuck with multiple needles at the doctor's office is never fun, but a new medical gadget is hoping to alleviate some discomfort.
Evena Medical just announced their new Eyes On Glasses that lets medical professionals see through a patient's skin, revealing digital, high definition images of a patient's vascular anatomy.
"Studies have shown that up to 40% of IV starts require multiple attempts to locate and access a vein, which not only wastes valuable nursing time but also delays therapy and   causes patient discomfort and dissatisfaction," said Frank Ball, Evena Medical President   and CEO in a press release.  "With Evena's Eyes-On Glasses, nurses can quickly and easily locate and access the best veins for each patient – even in challenging clinical environments such  as pediatric or neonatal units."
The hands-free wearable technology uses multi-spectral 3D imaging and a wireless connection. 
The glasses also include digital storage, which allows users to also document patient details. The system is able to connect with electronic medical records. 

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