Company launches bulletproof clothing line for kids

BOGOTA, Colombia (WXYZ) - Production is already underway on a bulletproof clothing line for kids.

The owner of a factory in Bogota, Colombia, Miguel Caballero, says after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, he was swamped with emails from parents asking about protective fashion for children.

Normally, his company produces bulletproof shirts, vests and other garments for adults, mainly high-ranking politicians.

Caballero says within one week, he was able to design and test several new bulletproof garments for children.

Caballero says his new kids' products, which include backpack-vests, t-shirts, and puffy vests, were produced for U.S. customers. He says all of the designs and colors were inspired by fashion trends in the U.S.

No word yet on when the clothing line will be available for purchase in U.S. stores.

Would you feel safer purchasing bulletproof clothing for your children? Leave you comments below.

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