Company Loveland Technologies is on mission to survey Detroit properties with new mobile website

(WXYZ) - This week, more than 16,000 properties in Detroit were put up for auction.

The number is vast and one company is on a mission to get those properties surveyed with your help.

A new mobile website from Loveland  Technologies is called Blexting. It's meant to be a combination of the words blight and texting.

It's being used as a fast way to photograph and survey these auction properties, creating an up-to-date database of all of the buildings no matter where they are in the city.

To help survey an area,  you can go to on your smartphone and create an account. You can then select a property you want to survey by taking photos and adding notes about the property's condition.

The posts collected will be moderated and appear on one of Loveland's websites:

You can blext any property in the city, but the creators are encouraging users to survey the current auction properties for blight and occupancy.

Alex Aslup, chief product officer for Loveland Technologies, says this mobile website is in its beta phase, but they are encouraging people to test it out.

One goal is to identify and blext every blighted structure in the city of Detroit to provide a useful tool for people who are interested in buying these properties at auction and improving them. 

For more information, go here: .

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