Concerns over long waits for school bus

(WXYZ) - It was shivering cold as several kids waited at a bus stop for much longer than they should have, according a parent at Plymouth - Canton Community School.

She was upset and contacted 7 Action News but did not want to be identified.

"The kids were waiting so long and the school told them there it would be 40 minutes for the bus," said the anonymous parent.  "We never got a phone call saying the buses were late.   So they all decided to go home or to each other's house and wait."

The students, who all go to East Middle School, were only out in the cold for about ten minutes before they sought shelter.

According to the unidentified mother, other parents were concern too.

"They were upset," said the anonymous parent.  "I don't know who they contacted.  I contacted the board too and the transportation department just to let them know they should have canceled school."

7 Action News was determined to find answers as to how this could happen and tracked down the district's superintendent Michael Meissen.

"We do know there were some delays this morning  and that's something we have some concern about,"  said Meissen.

According to Meissen, bus operators were up for work since 4:00 am checking to make sure they were safe to drive.

The delays came from the weather which he says was posted on the school website.

"We did indicate that the buses would be late based on the road conditions," said Meissen.

Student Valentina DePelma was surprised to see so man of her classmates show up to school late.

"None of the kids were upset but some of the parents had to drive their kids so they were upset because they were late for work,"  said DePelma.

Meissen told 7 Action News the district does take weather and safety very seriously and will look for new ways to effectively communicate with parents, including robocalling.

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