Convicted killer gets new trial

(WXYZ) - Lois Brown says she can barely stand the thought of having to sit through another trial and once again face Brandon Cain.

He's the man already convicted of murdering her daughter Abreeya Brown and best friend Ashley Conaway.

"My feelings are so hurt i have to relive this all over again. I'm just so outdone. How did the justice system mess up so badly?", says Brown.

Brandon Cain was sentenced to life in prison in December of 2012 for the brutal murders of Brown and Conaway.
Both young women had been kidnapped. Their bodies found a month later in a shallow grave. They'd been bound and gagged and shot execution style.

However, earlier this week, the Michigan Court of Appeals found that Cain should have a new trial because the clerk administered the wrong oath to the jurors during the murder trial.

Instead of reading the oath for jurors who had been selected, the court clerk read a different oath that is given to prospective jurors.

The trial was incredibly emotional and traumatic for loved ones of Brown and Conaway.

While four others were also convicted in connection with this case, investigators say Cain planned it all to silence Brown and Conaway because they had knowledge of another shooting Cain was involved in.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office says it knows how unbelievably traumatic the trial was for the family and is appealing to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Right now, Cain is behind bars on an unrelated assault with intent to murder case.

"I am broken hearted. My feelings are hurt so bad. I'm disgusted. There are no words to describe how i feel," Brown says.

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