Could solar roadways be in our future?

(WXYZ) - Could the roads of our future mean no potholes and more clean renewable energy?

Imagine a road system that could melt away snow, and generate electricity for nearby houses.

That's the idea behind Solar Roadways.

The project aims to put solar panels on roads, parking lots, driveways and other surfaces.

The researchers say that the system, if implemented nationwide, could produce clean renewable energy and solve a lot of the current problems with our nation's road system.

Each piece contains a circuit board and is equipped with more than 100 LED lights-so in addition to producing energy,  the road could warn you of possible dangers and even pave the way for future driverless vehicles.

It could even help charge electric vehicles while they're on the road.

The teams says their tempered glass hexagon panels have passed traction, load and impact resistance testing.

They are now raising money on Indiegogo to bring the panels to the next level.

Check out more about Solar Roadways HERE.

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